Assalamou Alaikoum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu  

Our Services

Southport Mosque and Islamic Cultural Centre is here to serve the town of Southport and the wider public in all matters related to the religion of Islam. There is and will never be a limit to our services as it is our God given duty to fulfil the needs of the public at all times. We will continuously strive to increase and improve our services in a professional manner. At present the following services are available at Southport Mosque and Islamic Cultural centre:

Daily prayers (Salah)
The 5 daily payers are held in congregation daily. For information on congregational times please refer to the Prayer (Salah) timetable.

Friday Prayer (Jummah Prayer)
The Friday Prayer begins at 1:15pm during the winter months and at 1:30pm during summer. A lecture in English is delivered half an hour before the commencement of the Jummah sermon and Salah.
The Jummah Salah and sermon usually last between 15-20 minutes. Please arrive as early as possible as at times it is very difficult to find a parking space close to the Mosque and you may have to park your car well away from the Masjid.

Islamic Classes (Madrassa) for children
At present this takes place every Saturday and Sunday from 11am till 1pm. Children aged 5 and upwards are welcome and are taught a variety of topics on the subject of Islam including Arabic and Islamic jurisprudence. We currently have three classes with about sixty children attending in total. Children are put into classes according to age and the lessons are conducted in English. A weekly fee of £2 per child is charged.
If you would like your child to attend or require further information, please speak to the Imam in person or drop him an email.

Funeral Service
An Islamic funeral service can be conducted by Southport Mosque. At present the Mosque lacks washing facilities for the deceased, therefore this ritual is carried out at Southport Hospital. Southport Mosque has also purchased a portion of the graveyard on Liverpool Road which is solely for the burial of deceased Muslims. The piece of land is sufficient for 500 graves.
In the case that a death should take place please contact any senior member of the Mosque immediately for advice and funeral arrangements.
Marriage Service
Anybody wishing to have an Islamic marriage conducted by the Imam can request this by contacting the Imam. The Imam will conduct the marriage at the Mosque premises but can also offer this service at alternative venues. A charge of £60 is made to cover administration costs and the issue of a certificate.
Marriage by Muslim men to non-Muslim ladies will be conducted by the Imam on the condition that the bride-to-be is either a Christian or a Jew; marriage to an atheist or a follower of any other faith is not permissible in Islam.
Marriage by Muslim women to non-Muslim men is not permissible in Islam; therefore a request to have such a marriage conducted by the Imam cannot be accepted.

Counselling and advice in the light of religious teachings.
The Imam is always at hand to offer counselling and advice on general issues. If you wish to speak to the Imam in person, this is usually possible during all congregational prayers. Alternatively you can contact him to arrange a meeting at other times.